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Patrol & Reconnaissance Squadron SIXTEEN  


Served as leader and Naval Aviator while working with Senior Naval Officers and peers to maintain the operational effectiveness of 250-person aviation squadron (primary duties involve flying).

Department Head, Command Services Department    


  • Lead 30 people, including 5 officers, in support of the command morale, welfare, readiness, and professional development.

  • Trained and indoctrinated 50 new squadron personnel and manage the retention efforts of up to 250 people.    

Mission Commander / Tactical Coordinator / Flight Officer Instructor


  • Served as detachment officer in charge for major battle group exercise, leading and coordinating the efforts of 46 personnel including 3 aircrews and 3 P-3C Orion aircraft.   

  • Lead 7 enlisted personnel and 5 officers in the performance of their duties during tactical missions onboard the P-3C Orion aircraft during deployments in the Caribbean, Iceland, and the Balkans. 


Avionics / Armament Division Officer / Schedules Officer 

  • Lead the largest division recognized as part of the best Maritime Patrol squadron maintenance department in the U.S. Navy.   

  • Supervised a division of the 3 branches consisting of 75 enlisted personnel and 3 officers, including training and career development.  


Managed 6 enlisted personnel and 3 officers in the production of the daily flight schedule for 160 aircrew personnel and 9 aircraft averaging 35 flight hours daily and advised the operations officer on readiness and mission planning during combat operations.


United States Navy Reserve    


Senior Naval Officer (Human Resources Officer)

  • Individual Ready Reserve: United States Naval Academy Admissions Liaison 

  • Executive Officer (2nd in Command) BUPERS Support Unit Chicago leading 3 officers and 21 sailors in the performance of their duties.

  • Operations Officer for COMLOGWESTPAC San Antonio leading 4 officers and 35 sailors in the performance of their duties.

  • Officer Programs Diversity Recruiter (ROTC, Officer Candidate School) for Navy Recruiting Command.


United States Navy Reserve      


Junior Naval Officer

  • North Texas Region Senior Officer for the Selective Service System managing 3 officers and the readiness of 57 board members.

  • Executive Officer (2nd in Command) for NABSU Key West, FL leading 5 officers and 93 sailors in the performance of their duties.

  • Operations Officer for NABSU Key West, FL leading 35 sailors in the performance of their duties.


United States Naval Academy                                        


Assistant Marketing Director / Recruiting Officer 

  • Serve as the Senior Minority Admissions Counselor, directing the efforts of 6 officers in 4 regions of the country.

  • Serve as Assistant Marketing Director, managing the relationship of the Naval Academy with 4 national organizations such as the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus.   Acted as liaison between Naval Academy and over 125 members of Congress.   Manage relationships between over 10,000 High Schools and network of 1600 Academy Information Officers.

  • Lead the diversification efforts of the Naval Academy leading to the largest increase in minority accessions and the largest percentage of minority candidates for an incoming freshman class in 25 years; spearheaded the efforts that resulted in the largest freshman class of enlisted sailors and Marines in the history of the Naval Academy.

  • Develop and execute the strategic marketing plan for minority recruiting for the Naval Academy, increasing the number of minority applicants by 50% and the number of incoming minority freshman by 30%.

  • Through aggressive promotion and telephone marketing achieved an application completion rate of 32% vs. 11% norm.  

  • Serve as adjunct instructor teaching Leadership and Ethics.  Faculty representative for the National Society of Black Engineers.

  • As Candidate Guidance Contingency Fund Comptroller, manage cash flow requirements in excess of $320,000.

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