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Citigroup, Citi Cards Inbound Collections


Vice President, Operations Manager

  • Manage 5-6 Unit Managers in the coaching, development, and performance of 150 telephone agents to deliver $180MM in Adjusted Balances Saved and to meet monthly goals in Service Levels, Agent Availability, and operations expense. 

  • Manage the leadership development for the Irving Inbound Collections non-exempt employees including the roll out of the Talent Acceleration Program for internal and external high potential employees. 

  • Presented monthly and quarterly strategic goals, initiatives, and results to Citi Cards Senior management. 

  • Created, designed, and implemented a new training model for the Irving Inbound Collections site that will improve the performance of newly hired agents by 25% as measured by balances saved, schedule adherence, and absenteeism.

  • Represented National Inbound Collections on companywide initiatives including the National Customer Satisfaction Team, National Service Quality Team, and the Talent Acceleration Program.

  • Managed the span of control requirements allocating 450 agents and 20-25 unit managers to 4-5 Operations Managers for the Irving Inbound Collections site.


Citigroup, Citi Cards Cross Sell 


Assistant Program Manager, Internal Products


  • Manage the $42MM United States Auto Club, MD retail emergency roadside services business: Exxon Travel Club, Shell Motorist Club, Texaco Roadstar, USAC, Citgo Special Edition, and the Drive America.

  • Delivered against aggressive sales goals; managed P/L to create growth in revenue by 20% & memberships by 15% year over year. 

  • Presented monthly and quarterly strategic goals, initiatives, and results to Citi Cards Senior management. 

  • Coordinates efforts to maintain oversight of various marketing channels (and vendors) including telemarketing and direct mail to deliver upon sales goals, and served as a liaison for partner SBUs, finance, legal, decision science, and operations. 

  • Managed relationship of 5 – 10 internal credit card businesses (Diners Club, Citi AAdvantage, etc.) to sell Auto Club product to card members and generate $9MM in incremental revenue to the credit card businesses.

  • Developed strategic direction for credit card cross sell product to identify and implement opportunities that maximize the value of credit card relationship, increase customer satisfaction, meet the needs of credit card SBUs, and generate incremental revenue for Citi Cards business.

  • Pushed strategic initiatives to internal Cross Sell SBU partners & credit card SBUs;  lead internal cross functional teams  to deliver upon  tactical projects and testing including over 10 initiatives such as incentive & pricing tests, and retention marketing.

  • Managed RFP process to senior managers with 4 marketing agencies (Cramer-Krasselt, DVC Worldwide, Zipatoni, Tracy Locke) including managing communications, deliverables, schedules, equipment support, the evaluation process, and external feedback.

  • Successfully reengineered planning model to forecast financial performance across 6 portfolios within 5% of actual results.


Citigroup, Citi Commerce Solutions    


Marketing Business Analyst / Channel Manager 


  • Reported directly to the Senior VP of Marketing and SBU Business Head to manage cross portfolio tactical marketing initiatives in the Private Label Oil Card SBU; coordinated project meetings with internal partners across 7 card portfolios, operations, risk management, decision science, and the Cross Sell SBU.

  • Created the incentive program for Shell Oil MasterCard acquisitions channels. Programs implemented across the 7 private label oil card s portfolios are forecast to increase customer acquisitions 10% and increasing margin $1 MM annually across the SBU.

  • Created and implemented a new accounts activation and retention program (Welcome Call) that is forecast to increase activations and retention by 10% annually on future card member accounts, increasing the EBIT per customer by 13%.

  • Successfully negotiated a contract amendment that guaranteed over 100 man-hours of free computer programming and technical support for marketing efforts at point of sale locations for over 75,000 retail fuel locations.

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